Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer 2009

I just love this one...

2009 | ND Trip in May

Uncle Al thinks funny faces make
better pictures...

Kirin & Grampa
Kirin & Alli

2009 | ND Trip in May

My first bloody nose - the slides get the best of me sometimes. But Mom says I'm a trooper!

And Gramma made it all better
with an "OP-ee-sicle"

2009 | ND Trip in May

This was one of my favorite parks
growing up, Spring Lake Park. The
kids had a blast!

look at her face! yikes!

Ty & Keinan; little monkeys

she just loves slides

I think that even my Dad enjoyed
his morning at the park. No, really...
I do. Yeah. :)

Ty, Kirin & Keinan

2009 | ND Trip in May

future Graduate of 2025...yikes

of course i had to sneak a pic
with the grads, too :)

2009 | ND Trip in May


she looks nervous... (Casey's to her

Whew! She made it!

Proud parents (my brother Allen, Casey
my sister-in-law Melanie, and Alli - and
that's Mel's dad, Ray, over Alli's shoulder)

Very proud Grandparents! Charles & Shirley

My School Song...and yes, I can
still sing it & I'm coming up on my
20-year! (I shouldn't admit that...)

2009 | ND Trip in May

This is Kirin jumping on Gramma's bed! We've all done it...